Our story
Riverry Studio crafts personalized art that captures and celebrates your most treasured memories.

Back in 2019, we, Brad and Megan, a husband and wife team, turned a tough break—being laid off due to COVID—into an opportunity by starting Riverry Studio right from our dining table. What began as a small family endeavor has grown into a vibrant global team of over 100 artists and team members, dedicated to crafting custom art that's both meaningful and affordable for our customers.

In today's era of AI where anyone can create an art with a click of a button, both we and our customers appreciate the value of hand-painted art, which we find more meaningful than digitally created renderings. We are committed to providing human-to-human interaction and continue to serve our customers with handcrafted custom pieces.

Since we started, we've closely worked with 70000+ customers, listening carefully to their stories and feedback to create art pieces that truly reflect their cherished memories and personal journeys.

At Riverry, we're more than just a business; we're a community. Our growth has allowed our artists to pursue their passion for art while earning a good income to support their families. We love to converse with each of our customers and keep things real and grounded, ensuring that every piece of art we produce not only captures an emotion but also supports the dreams of our talented team.