How to Get Your Pet's Portrait Painted in a Unique Way

painted pet portrait


Choose a Style of Portrait.  

Before you select an artist for your pet’s portrait, you will need to decide on the style of painting that appeals the most to you. Popular styles include realism (which looks like a photograph), impressionism (using loose brushstrokes to convey movement and emotion), cartoonish (for a more whimsical look), or abstract (highly stylized art). Consider how much detail you want included in the painting and speak with the intended artist to ask about their experience and specialties.

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Determine the purpose. 
When deciding on your pet’s portrait style, consider its purpose. Are you wanting this painted pet portrait to look exactly like your beloved companion? Is it a gift to capture unique physical features or create memories of past furry friends? Keep these intentions in mind as you review portfolios from artists and select the style that best suits the art you are looking for.

From Impressionism and Expressionism to Contemporary styles, the possibilities for pet subjects are endless. Impressionistic art often focuses on color and technique rather than details, creating a dreamlike representation of the subject. Expressionism may allow artists to capture more emotional aspects of their subjects in bright colors and shapes. With contemporary portraits, you may find a more realistic style with greater attention to detail in the fur or facial expressions of your pet - this can help recreate a sense of nostalgia or honoring a beloved animal’s memory when it has passed away. Depending on your needs, study portfolios from artists in each genre and select the style that is most appealing for your painted pet portrait project.

In addition to style, consider the size of your pet portrait and what type of material you would prefer - for example, colored pencils on paper or canvas in oil paints. When selecting an artist, research their website and portfolio to examine other artworks with animal subjects or consult with them in person (if possible) to discuss their approach. Keep in mind that good communication between the client and artist will be necessary during the process and require collaboration throughout the various stages of painting. Carefully review the contract provided by your chosen artist before signing, particularly regarding deadlines and payment structure. Doing so will help you find an artist that meets your budget needs while also providing quality artwork.

Before you make your final choice, ask yourself which style of portrait best suits your pet. Pet portraits come in a variety of artistic styles to suit any preference - from photorealistic to more stylized works done in various mediums. Look for an artist whose work speaks to you and is representative of the personality of your pet. Will they emphasize certain features or create a caricature? Would they take an abstract approach or opt for a traditional representation? Consider discussing the tone and emotion behind the composition with the artist to ensure that you are both on the same page with respect to overall vision.
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